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Top ten largest states in the U.S. on the map

United States have many important places. Maps of USA are useful in the field of study and sometimes we need a map in our work. Memorizing a map is easy if you know how to do it. As a resident of the USA, you should memorize maps of some important places of the USA. The best way of memorizing a map is drawing it several times.
As a part of drawing maps of the USA, you should focus on some important places in the USA. USA is consisting of 50 states. Washington, DC is the capital of the USA. Out of 50 states, top five largest states are described below.

10 largest states

1.    Alaska:

The area of Alaska is 663,267 square miles. Alaska was added as the 49th state in 1959. Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean bound this state. Pacific Oceana and Canada are near of this state. In maps of USA, you will see the biggest portion is owned by this state.

2.    Texas:

Texas is the second largest state. Texas was added in 1845 as the 28th state. The shape of this state is interesting. Texas extends 1600 kilometers from east to west and almost same from north to south. Drawing a map of this state will be easy.

3.    California:

California’s neighbor states are Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. The Pacific Ocean touches this state in the west and a Mexican state touches California in the south. California State was added in 1850 as the 31st state.

4.    Montana:

Montana is the fourth largest state. This state was added in 1889. This state has extremely low population density. Area of Montana State is 147,042 square miles.

5.    New Mexico:

New Mexico was added in 1992 as the 47th state. The fifth largest US state is bounded by Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Santa Fe is the capital of this state.

6.    Arizona

Arizona was added in 1912. This state has a great history. Arizona is urban population based state. People believe that Arizona was named from a phrase and the meaning of that phrase is “place of oaks”. The total area of Arizona is 113,998 square miles.

7.    Nevada:

Nevada is the seventh largest state. The total area of this state is 110,560 square miles. Nevada is the 36th state and it was added in 1864.

8.    Colorado:

Colorado is one of the popular states. Many people live in Colorado, which has several mountains within its area. Colorado was added in 1876 as the 38th state. This state has a great natural beauty. Many travelers from the USA and from other countries come to Colorado. Colorado’s total area is 104,093 square miles. In maps of USA, you will see several mountains and beautiful rivers in this state.

9.    Oregon:

Oregon is another beautiful state. This state is bounded to the north by Washington DC. Oregon receives water from the great river Columbia. This state has many tourist places. Oregon was added in 1859. The total area of this state is 98,380 square miles.

10.    Wyoming:

Wyoming was added in 1890 as the 44th state. The total area of this continent is 97,813 square miles.

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