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Map of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here you can find the street map of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is capital as well as most populous area of Netherlands, situated in the middle of Randstad, among the biggest metropolitan places within Europe. Its level of Dutch capital has been mandated through the rules and regulations in Netherlands. Population of Amsterdam is 801,200 inside the limits of the city.

Among this population there are 1,557,905 inside urban area along with 2,332,839 inside larger metropolitan location. This city is present inside province of the North Holland within the west side of country. It contains north part of Rantstad, among the bigger conurbations within Europe, having population of almost seven million.

Name of Amsterdam has been derived through Amstelredamme, which is indicating about the origin of the city. It points to a dam inside a river called Amstel. Amsterdam originated like a little fishing spot inside late time of 12th century.

Throughout the golden age of Dutch, Amsterdam became among the top class ports all over the world due to remarkable achievements in industry. Throughout that period, Amsterdam had been the famous region regarding diamonds and finance. Inside 19th as well as 20th centuries, this area expanded, and numerous new decisions were made related with suburbs and neighborhoods which were also completed.

Canals related with Amsterdam through 17th century which are situated at the middle of this city, had been included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO within the period of July 2010. Amsterdam is now acting as capital of Netherlands and it has many commercial opportunities which make it strong and also increasing its value in financial centers.


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