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Map of Ankara, Turkey. Here you can find the street map of Ankara.


Ankara, historical name is Angora, is capital city of Turkey. It is second biggest city of the country after Istanbul. This city possesses an average elevation of almost 938 meters which are equivalent to 3,077 feet. Ankara is mainly situated inside Anatolia and this has been an essential industrial as well as commercial place.

This city is supporting all the foreign embassies and it is a main city of Turkish Government. Ankara has a network of roads and links among trading units which makes it very important for marketing as well as for agricultural areas which are surrounding this city.

Different items are related with city, which are making it famous including Angora goat which has long hairs, Angora cat which is a special breed, Angora rabbits along with top class wool called as Angora wool, honey, pears and muscat grapes of this area.

Ankara has its historical region which is present on the hill, which is rising at 150 meters, almost 492 feet, above the level of river. Ankara is positioned at almost 39 degree in north, about 32 degrees in east, and 450 kilometers, 280 miles, in southeast of biggest city of the country, Istanbul.

Ankara offers green areas for every resident which is almost 72 meter square for each inhabitant due to which this may be regarded as a green spot but it is located inside dry spots in Turkey but it has green areas in the south region. History of Ankara reveals signs of rules from different civilizations from all over the world.


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