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Map of Antalya, Turkey. Here you can find the street map of Antalya.


Antalya is located within Southwest of Anatolia, in the Mediterranean shore of Turkey. The city of Antalya as well as the historic Anatolia is within the most magnificent vacation locations in the Mediterranean ocean inside Turkey. Antalya can be among the main vacation spots inside Turkey. It offers coves down the area along with it is within the center of mountains as well as is currently a developing location.

Antalya state offers the Mediterranean climate with warm summer months along with fairly warm and wet winters. Antalya is upon Turquoise Riviera having extra ordinary waters along with fantastic Mediterranean seacoast, this place is excellent regarding divers, swimmers as well as yachting.

This location appeals to approximately half in the tourists coming to Turkey annually. Antalya is furthermore broadly recognized regarding the Fantastic Orange Video Event usually presented within September along with October.

The Antalya Museum, established within 1919, contains among the main archaeological selections inside the region. The Antalya Museum is very successful therefore it won the award and it features of getting all the main things through the historic spots inside the Anatolian location. It is among top museums of Turkey as well as it illuminates the prosperous background of Mediterranean area.

Antalya owns an international airport that could link you to considerable locations. The Antalya International airport is positioned 10 kilometers by the area hub, as well as it is supported basically by hire aircraft.

International Airport of Antalya will be the main entry to the area and positioned a short length from the location hub. All terminals having modern services possess current technology. The international airport assists numerous European places along with regular contacts with Ankara plus Istanbul.

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