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Map of Barcelona, Spain. Here you can find the street map of Barcelona.


Barcelona is a large city of Spain and it is on second number after Madrid. It is also the capital city of Catalonia. Population of Barcelona is almost 1,620,943, which is counted on the basis of land area in limits on administrative grounds. 101.4 kilometer square is the area of this city which is equivalent to 39 square miles.

This city has a large urban area which is listed at number six from all the largest urban areas of the world. Metropolitan area of Barcelona is occupied with almost five million people. This city is also a biggest metropolis on sea. Location of Barcelona is at the mouths of important seas which also play an important role in climate of this region.

In the beginning this city was made in roman style and after wards it became as the capital city. This city remained under the rule of great rulers due to which it occupied many important features. Different rulers have attacked and occupied Barcelona due to which it was a main region for new rulers.

There are many places and spots in Barcelona which are showing its great history which are in the form of historic buildings made by different rulers. These types of buildings are a major source of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Olympics of 1992 were held in Barcelona and many important meetings and conferences are also taking place in this city due to its importance. This city is growing in fame and progress due to many important and advanced buildings and steps of government which are also increasing its value for residents and also for tourists.

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