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Map of Belgrade, Serbia. Here you can find the street map of Belgrade.


Belgrade is an important city in Serbia and it is also the capital with a large size. It is situated at the meeting point of different rivers and seas. Vinca culture is an important and historic culture of Europe which began through Belgrade. In 279BC this city was won by Celts and it was given a title of Singidun.

Romans take hold of this city and gave it the status of an important region which started making of important things and doing important tasks. Different rulers from different nations won this city, in different periods and made different adjustments, which are shown, even these days. There are many historic buildings which are for getting details about the past rulers who made different types of changers in this city.

Belgrade suffered from destruction many times due to different types of rulers who had different intentions. Many buildings were made by a single ruler then a new ruler had destroyed different buildings and made new buildings. Belgrade is at present listed among the most important cities and it is growing in development at a fast rate.

This city is administrative in Serbia and it is given a strong system of statistical nature for covering many important issues. There are many municipalities associated with this city and all have a local council for proper monitoring.

Belgrade is covering 3.6 percent area of Serbia and total population in comparison to whole country residing in this city is 22.5 percent. This city has many important spots which are both historic as well as modern through which visitors are able to have fun.

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