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Map of Berlin, Germany. Here you can find the street map of Berlin.


Berlin is a main city in Germany and also its capital city. 3.3 million People are living in this city which places it among the populous areas in European Union. People from different parts of the world are residing in this city. Pleasant temperature is present in Berlin due to the presence of different types of parks and gardens along with lakes and rivers.

Berlin gained the status of capital area from past and many rulers have given importance to this city. Berlin was also divided into east and west parts in past for a long time period. Reunion took place in 1990 and this city got the status of capital for Germany with 147 embassies.

Berlin is an advanced city which is gaining fame and progress in all areas of life from education to sports. Progress of this region is due to creativity industry and media corporations along with blend of other technologies which are contributing mainly in the advancement of this city. There are many facilities for traveling through air as well as through rail in Berlin.

Tourists from all over the world are visiting this city and enjoying their stay in different types of important spots. Many universities and research institutes are available in Berlin, which are increasing its worth.

This city is acting as a home for many celebrities and it is also hosting different types of hosting events from time to time. Film industry in Berlin is also gaining fame and progress with time. This city is providing all types of facilities for residents and the way of living of people is also improving.

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