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Map of Birmingham , United Kingdom. Here you can find the street map of Birmingham.


Birmingham is an important city in England. 1,074,300 residents are present in Birmingham which places it among the most populous cities in British. This city is surrounded by populous areas of the world. In past this city was acting as a town for presentation of different types of markets.

With time importance of this city is increased and it was given many opportunities through support from government leading to getting results in all fields of life. Birmingham has the honor of regarded as the initial town which started manufacturing in 1791. Many businesses are working in Birmingham which are contributing towards its economy and providing good results from a long time period.

Brilliant rulers from different kingdoms have taken important steps during their rule in Birmingham which made it more important and successful throughout the history. Birmingham is regarded as an important region related with commercial activities and trades from all over the world. Economy of this city is strong which place it among the top earners worldwide.

Six universities are present in this city due to which people from all over the world are visiting this city for higher education in all fields. Many plans are on the way in Birmingham for making this region as the first option for living and investing and these plans will complete in some future years.

Nickname of Birmingham is Brum therefore the people from this city are also regarded as Brummies. Main fields in which this city is progressing is marketing and engineering. Many new and improved ways are in progress which will also increase worth and success levels of this city.

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