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Map of Brasilia, Brazil. Here you can find the street map of Brasilia.


Brasilia is one of the major cities in Brazil and holds the seat of the federal capital of the South American country as well. Brasilia is located in and around the Brazilian Highland and lies in the Central-West region of Brazil. Having a population of over 2,500,000 people, the city comes as the fourth largest city in Brazil.

Brasilia’s history is interesting to say the least with it being the largest country in the entire world which did not exist before the 20th Century. Brasilia wasn’t even a city before the 1950’s and it was after the Brazilian administration thought about creating a model city that the plan for Brasilia was given the go-ahead. An interesting aspect of the design of Brasilia is that it looks like a butterfly when an overall view of the city is taken from the skies.

Even thought city has not got a rich history having only been founded in 1956, the city has a number of cultural landmarks which have helped it make it to Unesco’s World Heritage list. Brasilia enjoys a good tourism industry because of tourist attractions in the areas near Brasilia. Even though most tourists visit these landmarks, they prefer living in the fourth largest city of Brazil when visiting the country. These landmarks include Itiquira Falls, Caldas Novas, Goias Velho and Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Brasilia’s importance to Brazil is underlined by the presence of Brasilia International Airport. With the airport connecting a number of Brazilian cities, the airport remains the most significant airport in Brazil as far inter country travelling is concerned.

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