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Map of Calgary, Canada. Here you can find the street map of Calgary.


Located in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary is the most populated city of the province having a population of about 1.2 million people. This city which lies in the southern part of Alberta near the Bow River is famous for having been bestowed with the honor of hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1988.

Much of Calgary’s economy is based on the oil and natural gas sector that has emerged as the most promising sector in the city in the last few years. However, the energy sector is not the only one that has progressed at a rapid rate in the city. There are other sectors that have aided to the growth of the city among which the chemicals and retail industry are most noteworthy. It is because of the development of such sectors in the city that the unemployment rate in Calgary is the lowest in all of Canada.

Calgary has a lot of cultural and recreational activities to offer to the local residents and the tourists that come to its shores each year. Winter sporting events like snowboarding and skiing are among the most loved sports of the locals here as well as the tourists. The presence of the Rocky Mountains not so far away from the city is a big reason why people from all over Canada come to Calgary for participating in these sporting events.

Despite being a cultural and financial hub, Calgary faces some very serious issues among which homelessness and the rising crime rate of the city are the most important ones.

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