Cape Town

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Map of Cape Town, South Africa. Here you can find the street map of Cape Town.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a city located in the province of Western Cape in the African country of South Africa. Boasting of an estimated population of about 3.74 million, Cape Town is the most populated city and capital of Western Cape that is known for having some of the most exotic beaches in the world.

Tourism is considered to be the most important and productive sectors that contributes a lot to the economy of the city. The well developed beaches and the scenic locations available throughout the city have turned it in to a preferred vacation spot for tourists. Among the most notable natural attractions of the city, the Cape Point and the Table Mountains are by far the most visited locations.

Besides being known for tourism, Cape Town is a major centre for economic activity too. There are a number of commercial and financial districts present in the city that are home to the offices of many national and international business companies. Most of the people living in the city are either entrepreneurs themselves or work in insurance or retail companies that are found in abundance here.

The city has a robust system of transportation that offers the residents a chance to move from one place to another fairly quickly. The city has both a bus service and a railway system in place with work on a rapid transit system underway that is going to further facilitate the residents. Besides this, the city has a very well-knit system of roads too that connects the various suburbs of the city together.

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