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Map of Casablanca (Dar-El-Beida), Morocco. Here you can find the street map of Casablanca (Dar-El-Beida).

Captivating Casablanca

Although most people tend to equate Casablanca with the movie by the same name, the fact is that Casablanca is one of the largest cities in Morocco, and considered the economic capital of the country.  Its romantic setting and astonishing architecture combined with its modern lifestyle attracts tourists to it in their numbers every year. Being extremely prosperous, it also draws investors   from all parts of the world while its high level of education and enterprise has made it a popular city for people to migrate and settle down.

Among its greatest architectural splendors is its City Hall which was built in 1918 and used today as a gathering place for state events and other noteworthy gatherings. Its architecture is a mélange of Moorish and Islamic design which with its scenic and beautifully laid out gardens draw visitors in their thousands. Another place of interest is the magnificent Hassan II Mosque that is capable of accommodating around 150,000 worshippers at a time and is said to have the highest minarets of any mosque anywhere in the world.

Not only is Casablanca famous for its active nightlife, it also houses many famous restaurants that cater to diverse tastes from across the globe where various mouth watering dishes can be enjoyed. It is also a heaven for shoppers where fans of designer brands will have no difficulty in buying exotic clothing, classy leather goods or fun accessories from the many up-scale fashion boutiques found in the city. Getting in to Casablanca is never a problem in view of the many airlines and highways that provide a myriad of transport options for visitors wanting to experience this fascinating city.


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