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Map of Chicago (Il), United States. Here you can find the street map of Chicago (Il).

What are the main attractions of Chicago?

Chicago is one of the popular cities in the U.S. The area of this city is 606.1 Square kilometers. This city was added as a part of US in 1833. More than 2.707 people are living in this beautiful city. Chicago is one of the fastest growing cities. The lifestyle of people living in Chicago is better than the life of people from any other cities. This city is also popular for skyscrapers. The first skyscraper was built in this city.

Historical buildings are also one of the great attractions of this city. People built many theaters because they love watching dramas. Music is another attraction of this city. People from all over the world like jazz music and blues that this city’s singers sing. There are many things to see and learn in Chicago city. This city stands with the ancient histories and all modern technologies. Many popular education institutes are present in Chicago. People go to Chicago city most of the times to travel and sometimes people go to this city for business. The weather in this city is favorable to people of any race. The weather is not too cold and not too hot.

Arts and architectures are another attraction of this ironic city. You will see many arts all over the city. Museums are also available in many places. For a family vacation, Chicago is the best place. Here you will find all types of family games, great places to visit, and great hotels to stay at night.

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