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Map of Colombo, Brazil. Here you can find the street map of Colombo.

Top places to visit in Colombo

Colombo is the heart of Sri Lanka. This city is the economical, industrial and cultural capital of Sri Lanka. There are many places to visit in Colombo. Some top places are the national museum, Pettah, Colombo Zoo, the Adam’s peak, the fort. You will enjoy visiting all of these five places. There are many things to learn from this city. Students move to Colombo for higher study and research.

Notational museum of Colombo is one of the oldest museums. The authority has kept many ancient things in the museum. The size of the museum is big and in different categories, you will see different things. More than 2500 years old palm leaf and other tees are stored in this museum. Many visitors come to this museum daily. If you like to shop then you will love Pettah. Pettah is the biggest market of Colombo. From the local handicrafts, there you will see all types of merchandise. Prices are different and you will get most of the products at cheap. Some other products will cost much.

Colombo Zoo is another place that you must not miss to visit. This zoo has a big collection of animals, birds, fishes, and reptiles. The fort of the Colombo is the most significant attraction of this city. Many people come to Colombo just to visit this fort. Many famous modern buildings of Sri Lanka are included in this fort. The area is quite big. This fort receives so many visitors from the USA every day.

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