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Map of Dakar, Senegal. Here you can find the street map of Dakar.


Dreamy Dakar

Dakar with its bustling open air markets, beach front restaurants and delicious food attracts visitors to it from all over the world. More like a hidden gem in the vast African continent, the influence of the French that ruled the country in the past can still be seen in the architecture of its magnificent houses and café terraces that has lent much to the culture of the city.  This city itself which sprawls across the Cap-Vert Peninsula is unique not only because of its unusual splendor, but mostly due to its people and their friendliness and the extraordinary pallet of colors they display through their vibrant clothing and smart dressing.

Crammed with well stocked restaurants and regal buildings, Dakar has a special ambience of its own which makes it the perfect destination for a peaceful vacation. Having a cool and relaxed atmosphere, Dakar nonetheless has much to offer the discerning visitor. From the aquamarine waters and silvery beaches to late night entertainment and shopping, the tourism industry in the city is fast developing to accommodate the many people who wish to sample its beauty.

A must visit place in Dakar is the Goree Island which has been named a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  This island has now become a huge tourist attraction although in the past during the time of slave trade, Goree Island was   a Slave Port which still houses a cell with the inscription “Door of No Return”.

Other places of interest in Dakar include various national parks where it’s possible to experience the wonders of nature and view    flora and fauna as well as the amazing beauty of its wildlife that has made this city a paradise to nature lovers.

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