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Map of Dallas (Tx), United States. Here you can find the street map of Dallas (Tx).


Dallas which happens to be the third largest city in Texas, USA and the ninth largest in the world consists of a vibrant and cosmopolitan society.   It is also a city that resounds with its own culture and entertainment and very famous for its delicious Mexican cuisine and steakhouses found everywhere.  Anyone wanting to get a true picture of this capital of the Lone Star State should make it a point to visit any one of its many museums including the Dallas Sculpture Centre, and the Dallas Museum of Art.

But for the generations born before the 1960s, Dallas brings back memories of one of the most horrendous killings that took place during that era.  This was the assassination of President John f. Kennedy that shocked the whole world and is even today considered to be a turning point in American history. This is a city with a subtropical climate that makes the summers extremely hot and humid while the winters are mild and bearable unlike in many other states in the USA.


Being one of the foremost cities in Northern America to undergo urban renewal, the city has since had a renaissance with most of the new buildings coming up being extremely modern in design and architecture.  Unlike the stark and arid desserts for which Dallas was known for in the days gone by, the Dallas you see today has a skyline that is chock a block with sky scrapers and high rise buildings making it the fifteenth tallest city in the world.


Visitors to the city should make it a point to experience the various culinary delights that are laid out in abundance for one and all. Dallas is a city full of restaurants and bistros that serve the finest in Mexican dishes with their delightful barbecues and special preparation of meats and sauces which is something that no visitor to this city should ever miss.



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