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Map of Delhi, India. Here you can find the street map of Delhi.


Delightful Delhi

Delhi undoubtedly is a city of diverse cultures and alluring charms that makes it one of the most visited cities in the world.  This is a city that draws a huge number of visitors every year not only to taste its unique food but also to experience its way of life, traditions, and the many religious festivals celebrated by people who loves to enjoy life with much abundance and fervor.

Not only is Delhi the Capital and the largest commercial city in India, it is also the center of all political activities which are taken very seriously by the people of the country.  Its powers and fortunes have changed hands many times from royalty to colonial while today it’s emerging as a corporate hub to be reckoned with.

As evidenced by its archaeological sites and well preserved ruins, it is believed that human habitation was present in Delhi as way back as the second millennium B.C. This alone makes the city a fascinating place for any visitor although today, modernization and western influence has turned this ancient city into a vibrant arena of international fame with its art, culture, fashion and food.

It is never possible to write about Delhi without mentioning the Golden Triangle with its amazing blend of the old and the new, steeped in a culture so rich that a short visit can never help a visitor to understand the sheer opulence that envelopes the city.  Who can forget the Agra and the magnificent Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world and an attraction that is never ever missed by anyone visiting the city?

Even though the city is old, it offers everything a visitor would like to experience from an amazing variety of food to delightful shopping and affordable accommodation.  Hotels range from budget to luxury where rooms are equipped with all modern amenities to make a guest’s stay comfortable as well as memorable.

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