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Map of Detroit (Mi), United States. Here you can find the street map of Detroit (Mi).


The city of Detroit is famous for its music and motor industry as well as for mass production.  Undoubtedly a fun destination for anyone to visit, it has a selection of hotels and lodging that offer   accommodation no matter what your budget is. Motor lovers will no doubt find much to explore in Detroit since this the city in which the original Ford Factory used to be. It is also a city that has much to offer its visitor ranging from places of historical importance to hot spots of entertainment and those that are steeped in culture.

Among the many attractions in this city is the Renaissance Center which is a place that attracts almost everyone who comes to Detroit. Why so if you are wondering, let me tell you, it’s because of the amazing and unique architectural wonder that has been created out of black glass in a multi cylindrical design.  What’s even better is in this building the hallowed headquarters of General Motors is housed and is also a place that has a number of high class shopping malls, movie theatres, banks and restaurants to help you while away the time and empty your wallet.

A visit to this unique structure will also provide you with a panoramic view of the Great Lakes, the Michigan prairies and the City of Detroit which makes it a destination that should not be missed.  Anyone interested in history, should take a look at the Burton Historical Collection or visit the Detroit Public Library to gain an in-depth knowledge of this great city.

You can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life by making a visit to the charming Belle Isle located in the Detroit River which is a calming oasis in a city full of dust and noise.  Here you will see beautifully laid out parks, water gardens and trails for hiking,    aquariums that hold fresh water fish, a Safari Zoo as well as a Botanical Museum all for the singular purpose of providing visitors to the city a breath of fresh air and a tranquil setting to relax in.

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