Driving Directions

Driving Directions – Making Driving Easy

Whenever you would want to go to a new place, you would need to get a bit of help as far as finding that place is concerned. Even if you know the general area overall, finding that specific location can be a real problem. Whether you want to go to a new mall or want to take your family to a play land, you would need driving directions so as to make sure that you don’t get lost and find the place that you wanted to land up at without many problems.

Driving directions are not only helpful for tourists who don’t know the general routes for travelling in and around a city. They are extremely helpful for the local people too. It can help them easily find their way to new places or find better paths to actually reach a location they visit often. The question here comes as to how you can get these driving directions. Physical maps and online maps are two real options in this regard.

Physical Maps or Online Maps- Which is the Better Option

Physical maps have been serving people for a long time while online maps have had a huge impact ever since Google came up with the revolutionary idea. When it comes to getting driving directions, here are a few differences which make online maps a far better option.

  • Physical maps can’t chart you a course and you will have to link up the roads yourself when finding a route that takes you to your desired location. However, online maps can give you complete driving directions and help you understand which roads to take and which freeways to use so as to reach your destination in pretty quick time.
  • Physical maps aren’t updated as often as online maps are. Thus, while you might not know about the new underpass that helps you in finding your location quickly when using a physical map, the online map would advise you to take that underpass when giving you driving directions.
  • Physical maps don’t account for traffic as compared to online maps like Yahoo and Google maps which can also specify the traffic load on a given street and help you chart a different route. Therefore, the driving directions that you will get with online maps would prove more time efficient and would help you in reaching your desired location in a matter of minutes.

The Best Option to Get Driving Directions

Now that it has been established that online maps are the best possible option when it comes to getting driving directions, let’s see which of the online maps offer the best driving directions. It would be difficult to give you one name as each of the online maps works well in a few countries and struggles in the others. Google Map, Bing Map, MapQuest and Yahoo Map are consistent in their performance; however, localized maps like Yandex Map and Whereis are extremely good in the regions they target.

It would be best if you take a look at your localized online maps and compare the driving directions you get from them with the likes of Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps and then decide which map delivers the better results.

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