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Map of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here you can find the street map of Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a great city in the UAE. Dubai is also known as the Emirate of Dubai. The Dubai Emirate is one of the biggest and the popular emirates out of seven emirates in United Arab Emirates. The average temperature in Dubai is 33 degree Celsius, which is quite hot. More than 2 million people live in Dubai. This emirate is popular for many different places. A lot of travelers come to visit Dubai each year and the amount of travelers is increasing day by day.

Dubai fountain is the best attraction of this city. People come at night and day to see the beauty of this fountain. This powerful fountain shot water up to 500 feet high. The lights around the fountain create a nice view at night and at day, anyone can clearly see the power of this fountain. Dolphin bay is the place where most of the people want to go and see the dolphins and play with them. Kids like to go to dolphin bay and play with dolphins. The dolphin bay is the most charming and the large place that contains dolphin fishes for the travelers.

Roads and vehicles in Dubai are too attractive. Bullet trains and beautiful mini buses will make your journey full with pleasure. You can hire a car from the airport or you can get help from a car-renting agency from your own country through the internet. People go to Dubai to pass their vacations, to do a business, and sometimes to study. There are many well-recognized universities in Dubai.

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