Earthquake Map

Earthquake Map – Features and Benefits

Earthquakes hit the Earth very often with the magnitude and depth of the earthquake deciding whether it has dire consequences or not. There have been quite a few destructive earthquakes in the history of the world which have left the entire world sad and terrified. Earthquakes make a terrible reading if they hit with full force in a highly populated area and since there is no way to be warned about an earthquake, most people are caught unawares by them.

An Earthquake map is a simple map which gives you a detailed account of all the earthquakes that have hit the world recently. Such maps enlist details about each earthquake, its depth, its location and its magnitude on the Richter scale. Each earthquake map has a few distinguishing factors which makes them different, however, most earthquake maps offer the same details about each earthquake.

Features of Earthquake Map

  • An earthquake map would usually be able to identify and highlight the areas which have been recently hit by an earthquake. Some earthquake maps would use different colors to define the magnitude of an earthquake while other maps use different color schemes to distinguish between a recent earthquake and a relatively older one. Such a map would eventually use the size of the dots or symbols to signify the strength of an earthquake.
  • The earthquake map would even highlight the zones where the chances of earthquakes are high. A map might do this on the basis of past data or on the basis of researches which have gathered knowledge of the areas where tectonic plate activity is high.
  • The Earthquake map might even lead you to the news stories which tell you about the destruction the given earthquake map caused.
  • Some earthquake maps also have their own mobile apps which alert you whenever it records a new earthquake in any given place. Some apps give you the chance to modify the alert system so that they alert you only when a higher magnitude earthquake strikes or to only give you information about earthquakes in specific areas.

Benefits of Using Earthquake maps

There are a number of benefits of using earthquake maps which make them important overall. Here are some of the primary benefits that users will enjoy when they would use earthquake maps and earthquake map apps.

  • Know about the places where earthquakes strike often. The information can help you realize the risk you might take when moving from one place to another as you won’t want to move in to a place where earthquakes are a part of life.
  • Know about the places which lie in the red zone. The maps which offer you an idea about which places are more at risk than the others can really help you in making sure that you don’t move to places that lie in the red zone and which are liable to getting struck by a strong magnitude earthquake at one stage or the other.
  • Know about the places which suffered from an earthquake. By remaining updated, you can easily reassure yourself by contacting your friends and family the instant an earthquake strikes at the place where they live.