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Map of Edinburgh. Here you can find the street map of Edinburgh, Scotland.


A visit to Edinburgh will have you charmed with its skyline and enchanted with its history which is said to stretch back to the Bronze Age. This is a city that’s steeped in so much culture you will be awed by its fantastic architecture among which the Edinburgh Castle takes pride of place. Step into this Palace and you will be taken back to the days gone by when feuds with the English were common place and monarchs with various idiosyncrasies ruled the country.  The view from the top of the castle will take your breath away and you will also be able to see the Nelson Monument from here.

Being a destination that is extremely affordable, finding a suitable hotel that borders on luxury will not be difficult.  Once you’re settled there, you can start planning your sight seeing tour and hopefully you will be spending at least one week here because there’s so much to see in this beautiful city which is the capital of Scotland.  History buffs should make it a point to book one of the Royal Mile tours and if you love stories of ghosts haunting the area, make your tour a night time one to hear and experience some ghostly happenings that takes place in that part of the town.

A selection of interesting museums, historical houses and art galleries are other must see attractions in Scotland. Among these are Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s Park and Arthur’s Seat with its gory tale of a native pushing his wife over the rocky cliff in order to claim her insurance. The energetic should climb the Scott’s Monument which is the tallest structure in Edinburgh in which lies the statue of Sir Walter Scott who is the famous writer of the popular Waverley novels.

A visit to Edinburgh is never complete without sampling the city’s ’s very own  Scottish whiskey while also learning its history and how its made by taking a tour to the Whiskey Heritage Centre which is located on the Royal Mile.

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