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Map of Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. Here you can find the street map of Frankfurt Am Main.


There’s never enough time or space to write about Frankfurt, a beautiful city that has a rich history and   a blend of the traditional and modern.  It’s a city that has natural beauty, yet well planned with centuries old buildings that are of great historical importance jostling with modern structures to give it a unique and stunning skyline.  Although at first glance, you will think of Frankfurt as a modern city, it’s only when you go deep into the city that you get to see the Frankfurt of the past that has survived two World Wars.

Frankfurt although not a very large city is quite cosmopolitan and makes an interesting change from most of the   run of the mill tourist destinations found today.  It does not try to be just a modern city that caters to tourists alone but try to uphold its long history, culture and traditions as much as possible.  Visitors to this beautiful city will do well to start their exploration from the District of Romerberg named for the Roman ruins found there.

History lovers are bound to be fascinated by the old and beautiful buildings constructed way back in the 1400s where a visit to places such as the Frankfurter Roemer, Gothic Wharfinger’s Tower and the Alte Nikolaikirche Castle built in the twelfth century will have them open mouthed with awe and wonder.

You just cannot write about Frankfurt without mentioning the River Main which runs through the heart of the city.  Situated along this river you will come across many museums   while a climb to the top of the Main Tower which is a 650 foot skyscraper will provide you with a fantastic view of the city;  a photographer’s dream come true. Nature lovers should take some time away from their busy schedules to visit the City forest which is a natural forest created within the city with lots of walkways, trails, and ponds, perfect for those who want to get away from it all.


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