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Google Maps – Features, Benefits and Downsides

Google Maps is a very useful service launched by Google that offers people the chance to find their way around a new place with ease. This service was made available to the general public in 2004 and since then has been released for Android and all other major mobile operating systems as well.

Features of Google Maps

Google Maps has a number of features to offer to the user besides simply telling him about his current location. The following are some of the most notable features of this service that have made it so popular among the users.

  • Three Different Types of Views

Google Maps offers you the chance to view the map of a location in three different aspects. The first one is the normal view in which you get to see the general whereabouts of the places present in and around your searched location. The second one is the satellite view in which you get to see a satellite image of the area you are trying to locate. The third type of view lets you see the terrain or the roads located in the area you are searching for.


  • Routing Directions

With Google Maps you can get routing directions too that will guide you about the shortest possible route to your destination. You can choose to get these directions for three different modes of travel. You can choose the routing directions for walking on foot, for driving and in some countries even for bicycling as well.


  • Alternate Routes

Google Maps allows you to add changes to the suggested route provided by it. You can do this easily by dragging the route to include or exclude the places you want to touch or leave behind in the suggested route, thus, creating an alternate route for your journey.

Benefits of Using Google Maps

There are a number of benefits that you can avail through the use of Google Maps.

  • You get the chance to find any place or business that you are having difficulty in finding.
  • The maps are very descriptive and let you know about every detail of the area you are searching for.
  • You get the directions from these maps that let you reach your target destination in the least possible time without any fuss.
  • Using the multiple views that these maps offer, you are never going to get lost in a new city.
  • The maps allow you to add locations to its suggested route, thus, empowering you to create your own alternate routes for reaching a destination.
  • The maps provide a list of key locations that will fall in your path to your target destination.

Downsides of Using Google Maps

The slight fault with Google Maps that causes irritation to the users is in its zooming option. Whenever you try to zoom in to a map, you have to keep adjusting it so that the location you are trying to find does not get lost during the zooming process. Apart from this tiny little glitch, this map service of Google is a real winner.

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