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Map of Guangzhou, China. Here you can find the street map of Guangzhou.


Guangzhou which is also known as Canton is a commercial center located in the Liwan District and home to several hundred stores that sell everything from toys to electronics, clothes and thousands of other products. A leisurely stroll down its streets will bring you face to face with the history of its unique culture while those who need a respite from their busy shopping will have no difficulty in finding a high class restaurant to quench their thirst or taste some unique and different dishes.

It is only since 1979 when the country’s reformed Open policy opened its doors to commerce that the development of Guangzhou rocketed to such heights providing unlimited business opportunities to its people.  This was further heightened by the city’s close proximity to Honking and Macau resulting in Guangzhou opening its doors to international ventures that has taken this city to the top of the ladder in the business world.  Ample proof of its success is the ‘China Import and Export Fair’ also called the ‘Canton Fair’ held twice a year in Guangzhou bringing thousands of businessmen to the city.

Native of Guangzhou attach much importance to their food culture and is very particular about the way they do their cooking which according to them is how they balance the energy within their bodies in keeping with the climate outside which can be hot and humid at most times. This has resulted in some unique dishes being offered in any restaurant in the city where the food is cooked over a long period over a slow fire. But fear not, because visitors will have enough and more opportunity to try out their beautifully prepared dim sum, noodle rolls and meat dishes that are cooked to perfection and a delight to the palate.

Strange as it might seem, Guangzhou has another charming name which is “Flower City” as the locals take a keen interest in decorating their homes with flowers.  The Chinese with their great belief in superstition hope that flowers as a symbol of purity will bring them prosperity and are of the opinion that the Feng Shui of any building can be changed with the correct use of flowers.

Visitors to Guangzhou can expect to come away with beautiful jade or wood carvings, and colorful pottery that depicts an enriching history that goes a long way back. Ladies no doubt will find it hard to resist the Canton embroidery which is a famous local product of Guangzhou.


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