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Map of Havana, Cuba. Here you can find the street map of Havana.

Heavenly Havana

What better place to enjoy the sun, sea and sand than Havana with its determination to have fun right through out the year? A city that’s a mix of endurance, hardship and joy where the people believe in enjoying life no matter what and the kind of place a tourist can expect anything to happen.  The mere sound of the name makes you think of cigars, music and salsa and lots of it too.  It’s a city that hardly sleeps where the sound of Congo drums and an eclectic mix of cultures make it one of the most vibrant cities on the map.

No visitor to the city should miss   “Old Havana” with its Natural History museum, quaint restaurants and Retro cars while at the Fort Museum you can see gold and silver treasure recovered from sunken ships.  This is an ideal part of the city to soak up the Cuban culture while enjoying the atmosphere surrounded by scenic gardens and music to keep your feet tapping all day long.

First time visitors to Havana usually make a beeline to “Malecon” which is a popular pedestrian walkway  used by strollers to enjoy the stunning view of the ocean or simply sit and watch the people walking by.  You can wind up watching the spectacular setting of the sun or if you’re a lover of music, visit any one of the restaurants or night clubs where the sound of music can be heard from every corner while you enjoy a delicious meal in keeping with your tastes and budget.

The fascination of this city is in its amalgamation of the old and new where ancient buildings steeped in culture vie for attention with modern state of the art glass structures.  The people of Havana while being extremely proud of their past and their traditions, nevertheless want to enjoy the best that life has to offer in the present, and hence their unquenchable thirst for good food, great music and happy go lifestyles. This is a city you’ll never wish to leave so be careful of getting addicted to heavenly Havana.


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