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Map of Houston (Tx), United States. Here you can find the street map of Houston (Tx).

Some attractions of Houston, the heart of Texas

Houston is the fourth most popular city in the United States of America. This city is situated in the state of Texas. Within this state, this city is the largest one. The area of this city is 1625 square kilometers. A good thing is the average temperature of this city is 26 degree Celsius. According to the report made in 2011, more than 2 million people are living in this country.

Houston is full of bars, nightclubs, and hotels. Some people call Houston as the “Young City”. The road system in this city is well planned. You can go to midtown from any part of this city easily and quickly. Not only bars and the nightclubs are making this city popular but also the beaches and other natural beauties. Theaters and museums are available all around the Houston. People love to watch dramas in Houston’s theater. They reflect the western life through the dramas.

Downtown aquarium is one of the great attractions of this city. People come to this city all over the world. This aquarium contains many beautiful fishes and there are more fishes than anybody could count. The Houston Zoo has a collection of many animals, birds, and reptiles. This Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the USA.

The government has updated the transportation system many times within the last decades and until now this city is known as one of the best cities that has a better transpiration system. Hotels and restaurants are quite costly but they are top in quality.

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