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Map of Istanbul, Turkey. Here you can find the street map of Istanbul.

Top tourist places in Istanbul

Istanbul is a popular province in Turkey. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the most popular tourist place. People consider this city as the heart of Turkey since this city has a vast history and economical assets.  There are more than 38 districts in Istanbul. The main attractions of this ironic city are the places of ancient kingdoms. There are many churches too in Istanbul. This city had and still has all kinds of people.

Topkapi palace is known as the main beauty of this city. You will not to pass at least 12 hours to visit the entire palace. This big and beautiful palace describes the power and hobby of ancient empires. If you do not have much time in your hand then select some important places to visit in this palace. You can see the courtyard, the treasury, and the Harem.

The grand bazaar of Istanbul is famous for carpets, Tupi, and blanket. If you like shopping then you should not miss visiting the grand bazaar. The currency system is quite different there. Before you go to buy anything, you should know the currency system and the procedures of paying the seller.

After completing visiting many places, you should go to Galata Bridge at night. This bridge gets a beautiful view at night. The lighting system is very uncommon. You will see the unseen beauty of a bridge. Istanbul is divided in two parts. This bridge connects both parts. You can enjoy viewing the beauty of this from the ground of this bridge.

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