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Map of Izmir, Turkey. Here you can find the street map of Izmir.


The City of Izmir has an ancient history even though today it is as any other major city that has been transformed into a commercial hub that draws tourists like a magnet. Being the third largest metropolis in Turkey, Izmir is located on the Western coast of turkey bordering the Aegean Sea. The Port of Izmir is considered important for trading purposes and is said to handle mover than twelve million tons of cargo each year.

A city that records very high temperatures and a humid climate, even its winters are said to be damp although there’s never a dearth of tourists to gather on its beaches to bask in the warmth of the sun.  These sandy beaches also offer a wide variety of water sports such as Para sailing, and jet skiing among others.

Having a vast and varied history, the city is dominated by its Archaeological Museum where thousands of relics of the past glories have been excavated and exhibited for visitors at any given time. For people who just want to relax with an ice cold drink in their hands and watch people passing by, there’s none better than the Konak Square which is located in the city and close to the main bus terminal.

For those who are interested in shopping for the unusual, it’s best to avoid the very modern shopping centers which sell designer and branded stuff like anywhere else in the world. What they should do instead is to make a visit to the vibrant local market that sell exquisite hand made carvings, beautiful rugs, or even a talisman or two to ward off evil which you will be told by the persistent salesmen will definitely do the trick.  This is the best place to choose unusual souvenirs for your friends and family back home while haggling for bargains make it even more fun.

A visit to Izmir is never complete without an excursion to Pergamum which is around 100km from the city. It’s an ancient place that has some wonderful historical sites that contain Roman and Byzantine ruins. Take a moment to view the stunning Velvet fortress which was built in the third century on top of a mountain and only then will you be able to say that you saw all that’s best in Izmir.


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