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Map of Jakarta, Indonesia. Here you can find the street map of Jakarta.


Jakarta it must be said is more a commercial destination than a tourist hot spot although it has thousands of visitors arriving in the city every day.  This is a city that can be reached by any means of transport be it by air, sea, rail or land and even if it does not have the appeal of some of its South East Asian, cousins; it certainly draws the crowds for the luxury and comfort it offers by way of great hotels and a pulsating nightlife.

In spite of its urban look and modern high rise buildings, Jakarta does have a rich history and a way of life that is unique to its people. You can get a glimpse of its past by paying a visit to the Old town of Jakarta where you will find old buildings that have stories of their own to relate. Most of the structures here have been built in Dutch and European styles and surrounded by walls and canals. Sites that you should make a note of to visit include the Diamond City Hanging Bridge, the famous Wayang Museum, Maritime Museum, and the Zion Church among many others.

Mention I must about the history of the Wayang Museum which is famous for its performing puppets. Visitors wishing to really understand the culture of the people in Jakarta should make it a point to visit this museum which not only has exhibits of puppets from different parts of the country but also intricately carved masks and paintings that depicts the lifestyles and culture of its people.

Another attraction once again in the Old town is the Fatahillah Square which is a perfect example of the old and historic past of Jakarta. A visitor would consider this the ideal place to explore while talking a stroll down its cobbled streets to find quaint and interesting places to shop and many restaurants where it’s possible to have a meal of your choice.

If on the other hand, all you wish is to rest and see the world go by, you can do that as well soaking the culture of the city while dozing under a large and shady tree. People visit Jakarta for various reasons, but those who visit it once, always want to go back because of its very special atmosphere and ambience.

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