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Map of Lagos, Nigeria. Here you can find the street map of Lagos.


 Lagos is the city in Nigeria with more than 15 million people, which makes it even more of Beijing. In the center of the city of 20,000 people living in each square kilometer, and the government estimates that every day 3,000 new moves. This is a city for the 21st century. It is hoped that Lagos will bring many investment opportunities in the future.

Lagos is currently probably the most chaotic settlement on the planet do not have access to potable water, or throwing trash regulated system. Electricity and still have only the richest and the health of each population is at risk due to inhumane living conditions. However, in late July, the authorities of Lagos demolished most of the illegally built houses mostly along the coast, which is why many people stayed overnight homeless.This is just one of the price you would pay for the plan of urbanization, as the other settlements like Lagos be torn down to the ground to Lagos became a desirable destination.

Lagos is a city in Nigeria and is known for its size. He was once a Yoruba settlement, and later many soldiers who were under the rule of the Kingdom of Benin. Lagos was discovered by de Sekier in Sep 15 century. Later it became a British colony in the mid 19th century. As such, leading to better trade and slavery interruption. At the end of the 19th century led to the flourishing of Lagos, which led to the establishment of the protectorate.

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