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Map of Lisbon, Portugal. Here you can find the street map of Lisbon.

Beauty of Lisbon city

Lisbon is the largest city and the capital of Portugal. The area of this city is 84.8 square kilometers. About 564,477 people are living in this big city. The average temperature of this city is 21 degree Celsius, which is considered as a fine weather for people from any part of the world.  Lisbon has a history of rapid growth of economy and until today, the economical condition of this city is improving more and more. Only Lisbon makes more than 37 percent GDP and this is why Lisbon is known as the richest city of Portugal. Doing a business or a job, both can give you so much money in Lisbon. This city is also popular for politics.

This large city is situated on the west side of Portugal. All over the year, you can easily see the sunshine. European countries usually have cold weather and it is hard to see sunshine but Lisbon is different here. The maximum temperature in summer season can be 30 degree Celsius, the minimum temperature in summer can be 25 degree Celsius, and in the winter season, the temperature goes down so much. In winter, the temperature varies from 8 degree to 15 degree Celsius, which is not too cold as the other city’s temperature in Europe.

Lisbon has a very rich culture. People in Lisbon have been keeping the fame of their culture for a long time. The architectural beauty is another thing that made this city as one of the top tourist places all over the world.

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