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Map of London, United Kingdom. Here you can find the street map of London.


London is the capital of England. This city is also the capital of the United Kingdom. London is a big metropolitan and urban zone. Within the United Kingdom, London is the largest city. The area of London is 1,570 square kilometers. More than 8 million people are living in London. This city is very well known for quality education and great scopes for business. People from all around the world wish to go to London to do a job and students wish to get a graduate from a university in London. Why should you choose any university in London for higher education?

This city is the capital of England and England is very well known all over the world. If you get a graduate certificate from any reputed university in London then you will be able to work almost in every country. Almost all countries accept UK College and University’s certificates. There are many industries in London and most of the industries are based on finance and business. After completing your study, you can easily apply in any industry you want. There are many other industries too related to sports, entertainment, technology, and foods. Most of the universities in London accept students from all around the world. As an international student, you will get priority and you will enjoy all services that a normal student is enjoying for being a citizen of London. There are many schools in London, many colleges and universities so you can easily pick. Administration process is not also complicated but you have to get good scores in some English courses such as IELTS.

London Map- Helping you Understand the Streets of London

London is one of the most compact cities in the world and one can easily get lost in the city without proper directions. Whether you have been in London for a decade or you are just a tourist looking to explore the wonderful city, London map is one of those things that you must have with you at all times.

Whether you want to visit any of the four popular football stadiums in the city or want to go to the Parliament Street, knowing your way around the streets of London is a must. It’s a very big city and with underpasses, bridges, freeways and a subway system, even if you have a London map in your hand, reaching your desired location could take a long time if you are going to the place for the first time.

Online London Map- How can it help

It is true that in order to truly understand the routes you can take to move from one place to another in London, the use of online maps is the only solution. Even a detailed conventional London map won’t be able to exquisitely guide you as to how to reach your desired location without getting lost at all. Here are a few helpful features present in most online London maps which make them so impressive and useful.

  • They can chart a course of their own. All you need to do is to specify the location you are currently present at and name the place you want to reach. A good online map would be able to guide you as to how you can reach that place by providing you the possible route your can take.  Specialized maps like those of Google and Yahoo can actually also help you understand how a place looks like by offering you pictures of each location in and around your desired point so that you would know for sure that you have reached the right place.
  • Offer you information on the traffic load on the route that you will take. London is very compact but yet does not suffer from huge traffic problems because of its regularized traffic system. However, an online map would actually also help you in understanding the regular traffic that you would meet on a particular road. Thus, if you want to change your route, you can guide the map to alter your route so as to avoid heavy traffic when driving to your desired location.
  • Online London maps don’t only offer you driving directions to move from one place to another. Most of the popular and well-designed online London maps like the ones offered by Yahoo, Google and MapQuest would actually even offer you information about how to reach your desired location using the subway or a bus.

Best London Map

While it is difficult to name one online London map that is the best, you can try a few online London maps to make an opinion of your own. Google Map remains the primary choice of most people with Yahoo Map, Bing Map and MapQuest not far behind. Each map offers a few distinctive features and you would only get to know about the one which suits you the best after you use all of them!

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