Los Angeles

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Map of Los Angeles (Ca), United States. Here you can find the street map of Los Angeles (Ca).

An overview of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US. The nickname of this city is “city of angels”. In 1781, by a Spanish governor, this city was founded. People from all around the world want to be in this city. The name of every road and famous building are unforgettable. Sunset boulevard road will take you from the beach to the midtown.  Los Angeles has many famous relative cities too. Hollywood is near of Los Angeles what is known to most of us. Los Angeles is famous for study, business, art, and politics. Traders from other states and cities come to Los Angeles to do businesses. Students come to Los Angeles from all around the world for higher study.

The area of this city is 1,302 square miles. The total population of this city is 3.8 million which a very high amount. Owning a home in Loss Angeles is a very big deal. People head from other cities and states to live in Laos Angeles because lifestyle in this city is full of glamour. Since a lot of people are coming to Los Angeles so the growth of population is very high.

The economic growth of Los Angeles is fine. Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, and all other top car companies have their offices or the design center in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has the largest airport and the seaport within the United States. Since the connection with the other countries is very rich in Los Angeles, the economic growth hits up every day.

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