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Map of Manchester, United Kingdom. Here you can find the street map of Manchester.

Best tourism places in Manchester

Manchester is a beautiful city that is situated in the southern part of the North West England. According to estimation, this city owns the population of 512,000 people. The local authority of this city is the Manchester City Council.


There are a lot of factors that make this city unique and attractive for the people. These factors include architecture, music, culture, media links, engineering and scientific output, sporting connections and social impact. These factors actually pave the way for the tourism attraction and the people love to see this place whenever they get a chance to visit England.

Tourist attractions:

There are a lot of tourism attractions in Manchester. Royal Exchange Theatre is quite famous there. It is an award winning theatre, where dramas from the classic writings to new writings are being presented. John Rylands Library is the best place to visit for those who love to study books. Visit of this library means a lot for the good book readers.


This city holds the world’s biggest football museum and this museum remains open seven days a week. This museum does not charge any fee for entry. In this museum, world’s famous gaming iconic objects are found. Manchester town hall is another place to visit. This masterpiece was the creation of the Alfred Waterhouse and it was completed in the era of 1887. At the main entrance of this town hall, you find a sculpture of the Roman Governor.

In addition to these places, there are many more attractions for the tourists like the Lowry, Imperial war museum, the Comedy store etc.

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