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Map of Manila, Philippines. Here you can find the street map of Manila.



Manila is called the Capital of Philippines and it is the 2nd largest city. This city is among those 16 cities that constitute the National Capital Region and this region is called the Metro Manila. This city is actually situated on the eastern side of Manila Bay. On the northern side of this city, Caloocan and Navotas are located whereas on the eastern side Mandaluyong and San Juan are founded.

Climatic conditions:

When we talk about the climatic conditions of this city, we get an idea that this holds a Tropical savanna climate. So it lies wholly in the tropics. Normally temperature range 20 degree to 38 degree centigrade. It has been noticed that the humidity level remains quite high here that makes the weather quite warm for the people.


Manila has become a great shopping hub and it is very famous in the whole Asia for its shopping opportunities. Robinsons Place Manila is regarded as the largest shopping mall of this city. Plenty of international and local retail shops are found in this mall. The people who love shopping, they can visit this place.


This place is the hub of the several old schools and it is also well known for the famous and important universities of the country. People come all around the country to study in these universities.

Christianity is the basic religion:

In this city, residents are normally Christians but this city openly welcomes the people of all the faiths. San Agustin Church is the main church of this city where people like to worship on the daily basis.


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