Map of Africa

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Top interesting places in Africa to visit

Asia is the largest continent and after Asia, Africa is the second largest one. There are many countries in Africa and many historical places. Map of Africa will show different countries, different roads, rivers, and other historical places. It shows different places around the continent by marking. Africa is covering more than 30,221,532 square kilometers. From a detailed map, you can see the ocean that is surrounding the continent. Indian and Atlantic, both oceans touch Africa. Africa has many islands and more than 50 states.

Best places to travel in Africa

Africa has many interesting places to travel.

  • Parks
  • Safari parks
  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Big and small islands
  • Desert
  • Cruises and more

In Africa, you will find almost everything. The continent is enough big to contain every other things that other continents offer. From map of Africa, you can get ideas about different places in Africa. If you use any satellite map such as Google maps, you can see the shapes of every place and almost clear pictures. Before making a plan to travel Africa, it is recommended to check map of Africa to get ideas about the roads, cities, and important places. A geographical map will show all landscape places and natural beauty of Africa. Sudan is the largest country in Africa and Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa continent. Tanzania is the biggest beauty of Africa. This mountain receives many visitors yearly. Another great thing about Africa is Nile River. This river is the longest river in Africa. Nile River is shown in every map of Africa. You can see clearly the shape of the Nile River if you check any satellite image.

Nile River

Nile River is situated at the northern-western side. This river flows from south to north, which you can see from the map. Nile is not only Africa’s but also the entire world’s longest river. The length of this river is 4132 Kilometers. Have a look at map of Africa. You will see that this river started its journey from Sudan and then ended in Egypt.

African Civilization

The history of ancient Africa is interesting. It is also complex and the histories have already been studied by many. Africa was a continent based on king’s roles. There are many monuments of different rulers until today. Civilian in Africa was always interesting and helping.

Draw a map of Africa

Before going to travel Africa, you must have one map of Africa. You can make one by yourself or you can buy a map. Buying a map will cost you more than you expect and there will be no need to have a detailed map of this big continent since you will visit only a few places. First, check a satellite map or a detailed map and choose places to visit. Now draw the map of your chosen place or cut down maps of the chosen places from big maps of Africa. You can bring a laptop or a Smartphone with you to check wherever you are through the GPS but the internet may not work everywhere.

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