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Tips for travelling in Europe

Europe is the sixth largest continent. There are islands, territories, mountains, and big parks in Europe. This continent is famous for the natural beauty and the weather. You can learn about Europe through the maps of Europe. On a map, you will see boundaries of different countries, water spots, popular cities, different roads, and airports. This continent covers 9938,000 square kilometer. The total area of Europe is 6.7 % of the earth. In total, there are 47 countries in Europe and all these countries are quite popular around the world for different reasons. Many students go to Europe for higher study. From the USA, a number of students go to Europe yearly for higher study. Some people go to Europe to do a job and some other people go to do different types of business.

Great places in Europe

  • A mountain named Ural separates Asia from Europe, which is situated in Russia.
  •  Caspian Sea and Black Sea also help Europe to get a boundary.
  •  Greece: This country is one of the biggest attractions of travelers. This country has a very ancient history and the culture.
  • Italy: Italy is another famous country of Europe. This country is famous for many things. The culture is rich and the language is very interesting. The weather and the nature of Italy are very charming. Italy is highlighted in maps of Europe as one of the famous country. People do not only come to study in Italy but also to do a job or business.

Natural beauty and the temperature of Europe

The beauty of every country in Europe charms people around the world. Many visitors who like cold weather visit Europe. The temperatures vary from 2-degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius. In Western Europe, there are totally six seasons but in the southern portion, there are only two seasons. Europe never gets too hot temperature as Asian countries do.

Travel Europe

If you have a plan to visit Europe in your next vacation, you should prepare yourself for the best journey to Europe. Europe has 47 countries and in every country, there are many historical places or places that worth of getting a visit. First, get some map of Europe. You may like to try one satellite map but paper maps are easy to use and effective. You can memorize some part of the map where you are planning to visit. Since you will need to get a visa from every country you visit, you should make up your mind and select one or two countries where you want to visit. After selecting a country, get a map of that country. You can still keep map of Europe with you to check the link of one country with another. European countries have many things to offer to travelers.  Mountains in Europe are big and full of snow. In winter season, white snow cover mountains almost half of the entire size and give a beautiful look to every mountain. Europe is not only a continent of beauty but also a continent to do trading.

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