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All About Physical and Online Map of India

For tourists visiting India having a map of India in their hands is very important if they do not wish to get lost in this big and highly populated country. With the map of this country in hand, you can easily find your way around its provinces and cities and can enjoy your trip to this vast country in a much better manner.

Types of Map of India

There are basically two types of Map of India that are available for your use. One is the physical map which can be found with ease from any book shop while the other one is the online map that can be searched for on the internet. Each of these types of map has its own significance and benefits to offer you. The physical map is great for finding out about the physical features of the country while the online map is best for finding out about travelling directions.

Beneficiaries of Physical Map of India

A physical map of India holds a lot of significance and benefits for some people of the society. The people who are most likely to use a physical version of India’s map are:

  • Students

The students who are learning about the geography of their country will find a physical map of India to be very significant for their education. This map will provide them the necessary information about the number of provinces present in India and which countries share their borders with it. Moreover, it will also provide them information about the physical features of their country like plains, plateaus, mountains and rivers as well.


  • Civil Engineers

For the civil engineers who are working on construction projects in India, having a physical map of India outlining the country’s physical features is most crucial. The information about the type of terrain of a particular area of the country provided by the map will be most beneficial for them in determining the feasibility of their project.


Users of Online Map of India

The online map of India has its own set of benefits and advantages that cater to the needs of a different class of the society. People who are likely to use an online Indian map instead of a physical one are: 

  • Tech Savvy Tourists

The tech savvy tourists visiting India for the first time will find the online map of India very significant for finding out crucial information about the country they are visiting. Available on their mobile handsets or tablets, these online maps will help them in knowing about the places and landmarks that they must visit during their trip. Moreover, they will get to know about the location of various cities of India too through the use of the online map.


  • Natives Looking for Traveling Directions

The online map of India is not only helpful for tourists only. It can prove to be of great help to a native Indian too who wants to find out about the traveling directions to a particular place in the country. The online map can provide him the most optimum traveling directions using which he can reach his destination in the shortest possible time. 

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