Everything You Need to Know About MapQuest

MapQuest is the oldest and by far the most popular mapping service in the world at the present moment. Launched by AOL in the year 1996, this service has continued to provide high quality maps and directional details to its users. This is the reason why it has remained at the top of the list for such a long time and continues to be the market leader in the mapping services industry.

What MapQuest has to Offer You

MapQuest has a number of exciting services and options to offer to its users. It is because of the presence of these helpful features that this mapping service has earned the status of being the top ranked mapping service in the world.

  • Options for Travelling Directions

With MapQuest you can find the directions to any place in the world with ease. This service allows you to get travelling directions according to the type of transport you are using. You can get directional information if you are travelling by car, bicycle, any transit system or are on foot.


  • Customization of Route

MapQuest can help you in customizing your route as well. You will only have to enter in the stops of your route and the service is going to calculate the most suitable route for you. You can then choose to follow this route or customize it using the options available to you according to your requirements.


  • Print and Share Maps

MapQuest allows you to print the maps of the places that you have searched for on the website. Just press the print button that is present on the menu bar of the map and then the print page button that appears next and you will get a printed version of your map. You can also share your map with others on Facebook and can send it to your email as well.

MapQuest Mobile App

The MapQuest Mobile app is the standard application for Smartphones that is available for all the major mobile operating systems. This is a very smart app that combines all the best features of the MapQuest website and delivers them to your mobile phone.

Advantages of Using the MapQuest Mobile App  

The MapQuest Mobile App offers a number of advantages to its users.

  • This app is free and can be downloaded with ease from the app store or Android market without having to pay a dollar.
  • This app has a very simple and intuitive interface that is pleasing to the eye and can be navigated with ease even by novices.
  • Finding directions to any place in the world is a breeze with this app. You will have no difficulty in finding a place, no matter how remote it is, through this fantastic app.
  • This app providvs voice guidance too. You will not have to look at the app for finding the directions, as the app will call out the directions out loud for you to follow.
  • The app offers you the chance to get travel directions in a turn-by-turn format.

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