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Map of Melbourne, Australia. Here you can find the street map of Melbourne.



Melbourne is the most populous city of Victoria and it is regarded as the 2nd most populous city of Australia. It is actually the heart of the metropolitan area. This city was established in 1835 and it was named by the Governor belonging to the New South Wales.

Climatic conditions:

This city holds the moderate climatic conditions. This city is quite famous for its fast changing weather conditions. This situation exists actually due to the location of this city. It is situated on the edge of the hot islands and the cold oceans.


This city is an international centre of culture and a lot cultural events, festivals, dramas, music concerts etc are being organized on the regular basis.


This city holds mix architecture. You will find the modern architecture at the same time with the old architecture. Here are found some very famous architectural buildings like the Royal Exhibition building. It was built in 1880 A.C.  Shrine of Remembrance is also found here that is famous all over the world. It was constituted in the remembrance of those men and women of Victoria who served amazingly in the First World War.


Melbourne is characterized by the highly diverse economy and it possesses particular strengths in different fields like IT, education, finance, manufacturing, research, tourism, logistics and transportation.


This city is quite advanced in education field. In 2008, this city was at number 4 in the world as a top university city. University of Melbourne is the 2nd oldest university in the whole Australia.

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