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Map of Memphis (Tn), United States. Here you can find the street map of Memphis (Tn).

A bird’s eye view of Memphis

Musical importance of Memphis:

Memphis is renowned for its musical history and stars. Tourist from all over the world love to visit this city for its music taste and music studios. Many songs have been sung about Memphis as compared to others cities of the United States. The Stax Museum of American soul is a wonderful place to visit. This museum is a commemoration of the music that was written in 60’s and 70’s.You will know about the history of soul music and you will find the musical instruments, dresses, and rare recording tools of that era there.

Arcade restaurant:

If you have planned a visit to Memphis, do not forget to have lunch in arcade restaurant. It is famous, because many rock stars visited this small dinning place. If you enter in the restaurant and do not find a large group of people there, you can get a chance to sit in the cabin of king that is the specialty of this restaurant.

Gibson Guitars:

If you love to play guitar, there is one place where you can learn easily all the guitar playing methods and that place is Gibson Guitars. It attracts the attention of music producers and learners.

Cuisine of Memphis:

Obviously when you are on a trip, you want to explore the specialties and different spices of that country. As far as, the food and drinks of Memphis are concerned, these are tasty and amazing. Most of the people love BBQ items, so go to Blue City Cafe. Here you will get fried catfish, BBQ ribs and many other tasty edibles.

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