Mexico City

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Map of Mexico City, Mexico. Here you can find the street map of Mexico City.

Distinguishing features of Mexico City

Background of Mexico City:

Mexico is considered as one of the largest or the biggest cities of the Mexico country. It holds the position of capital in Mexico. It is renowned for its cultural, economical, bureaucratic and literary history. It financially supports the country through its gross products a lot. In Mexico, there is a large valley and its name is “the valley of Mexico. It is very famous because Mexico city is situated inside this valley.

General features of Mexico:

This beautiful city is recognized for many reasons like its transportation system, its food, restaurants and many other things.

International air port of Mexico:

It is one of the busiest airports. It is situated at the distance of 13 km in the east of the city. From trading point of view, this airport has a special significance.

Food and restaurants:

In Mexico, great number of restaurants and hotels are found for tasty and delicious foods. You can easily take local dishes as sopas, tacos and antojitos. There are many restaurants in this city that offer amazing soups, sweets and bakery items. Once you have it, again you will visit the restaurants for these yummy food items.

Mexican Currency:

Whenever you visit a country, obviously you need currency of that country. So the Mexican currency name is “the Mexican peso”. Each peso contains one hundred Mexican cents.


In Mexico, Spanish language has been given the standard of national language and it is easy to speak and grasp.

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