Milan (Milano)

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Map of Milan (Milano), Italy. Here you can find the street map of Milan (Milano).

Mesmerizing Features of Milan


Milan is situated in Italy. It is considered as the second big city of Italy. It holds the position of capital of Lombardy. Its total population is 1.35 million. Milan is known for its beauty and cultural legacy and artistic architecture. Once, you visit Milan, and you will never forget the charms and miraculous attractions of Milan. It is here you can see the fashion industry and style on its peak. It is famous for its fashion icons. If you are a party lover and enjoy dancing, you will find many clubs, bars and musical pubs in Milan and you will not be disappointed to see the entertainment level in Milan.

Main attractions of Milan:

No one can deny the fact that Milan is famous for its worth seeing sights and attractions. The main characteristics of Milan are:

Shopping malls:

If you visit Milan with your family, do not miss the big shopping malls that are found in this beautiful city. All the branded items are available. You will love to shop here if you have enough money in your pocket. The most amazing shopping mall is Galleria Vitoria Emmanuel. Here dine out facility is also available. Just come here for shopping and at the same time, take your favorite meal.

Sightseeing of Milan:

Milan has a strong historical background. Here are many wonderful places that capture the attention of the tourists from all over the world. The most important sight is the mesmerizing “Duomo”. It is marvelous. The art galleries are the main focus for artists from all over the world.

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