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Map of Milwaukee (Wi), United States. Here you can find the street map of Milwauke (Wi).

Milwaukee: A beautiful place in US


Milwaukee is situated in the state of Wisconsin and this state is a part of United States. In the list of most populated cities, it is on 39th number. Milwaukee is very important for its historical and financial features.

Weather of Milwaukee:

Milwaukee’s climate changes according to different seasons. Summer season is very hot and sunny. In winter season, you face icy, cloudy and frigid weather all the time. The hottest month is the July when you have to bear the temperature of 71.8 Fahrenheit. You have to face the consequences of the coldest weather in January when the temperature is too much low.


The city has a wide range of cultural elements. Ethnic dining, cultural festivals are celebrated all year. In the summer season, many events are celebrated in the Maier Festival Park in order to entertain people. There are also a number of museums which reflect the taste of sophisticated people.


Crime rate in Milwaukee is pretty much high. It is regarded as one of the ten most dangerous cities in the United States. The crimes like robbery, homicide, rape are so common which make the city a very dangerous place to live.


The city contains huge amount of religious diversity. Residents come of different religious affiliations. Research shows that there are about 58% Catholic with 23% of Lutheran, 2.5% are Jewish and about 3% are Methodists. It shows that the city comes of people affiliating with different religions.

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