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Map of Minneapolis (Mn), United States. Here you can find the street map of Minneapolis (Mn).


Minneapolis is the city of the United States which is known as the city of Lakes. The city has a good amount of population which is 392,880.

A cultural city:

It has a lot of cultural elements which ranges from theatre, writing, music, art etc. The city attracts the creative people to such cultural activities which enable them to participate in such innovative acts. After New York and Chicago, it is considered the third largest city to produce live theatres and art.


The city is full of ethnic elements. There are about 63 % of whites while 16% are African American and 5% are Asians and 2% are the African Indians. This is why this city is known for a range of ethnic population.


The economy of the city is based on different elements like railways, industries, health care, finance and trucking services. The city also gets revenue from small industries like graphic arts, insurance, publishing, education and technology. Minneapolis has gained good position in the GPD rank of the country.

Recreation and visiting points:

The city is well known for its skyscrapers. The park system in Minneapolis is regarded as one of the best established and well maintained parks in the USA. This park has been well financed in order to make it one of the best parks in USA.


Education system in Minneapolis is very strong. There are good number of universities, schools and colleges. Hennepin County Library speaks about the educational system in Minneapolis.

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