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Map of Minsk, Belarus. Here you can find the street map of Minsk.


Minsk is the largest city and the capital of Belarus. It is surrounded by the hills on the southern side. The summers are very warm here and the environment is moist.

Economic capital:

It is the economic capital of the Belarus which is why it has been developed with about 250 industrial plants n the city. The development started in the 1860’s and in the whole city railway lines were spread in order to make it economically strong.


Education system in Minsk is wide spread. It is an institutional hub having 12 national level universities with huge amount of kindergartens, schools and colleges.

Religion and culture:

The national religion of Belarus is Christianity. But the ethnic groups are many which is why it is thought as an ethnic city. There are about 16 museums with 11 theatres which have been established by the mid of 20th century. There is good amount of libraries up to 139. The city contains about 20 cinemas. It means this city is full of cultural variations.

Travel places in Minsk:

There are so many visiting places in Minsk which not only interest the locals but also the foreigners. It includes the island of tears, Minsk City Hall, Troetskoe Predmestie, Church of Saints Simon and Helena, Island of Courage and Sorrow etc. These places are so wonderful that people cannot resist seeing them.


In Minsk, many languages are spoken but English is the main language of the country which many people speak. Beside these, Spanish and other small languages are also spoken.

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