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Map of Montréal, Canada. Here you can find the street map of Montréal.

Montreal: A city with numerous features

Montreal is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. By 2011, its population was about 1,649,519. This city is called the cultural capital of Canada.


The official language of Montreal is French. It is probably the second largest city where French is spoken by great number of population. English is also spoken by the locals but the number of English speakers is very low.


The climate in the city is regarded as humid but it usually observes four seasons in a year which adds to its beauty. Usually the summers are very damp and humid.


The centuries old architecture adds to the beauty of this city. A numerous number of buildings, warehouses, mills, factories are a source of inspiration and value for the foreigners who visit the place. Because of the design of the city, Montreal is called the UNESCO city of design. Mount Royal Park is one of the most beautiful and green space for the city which is a source of pleasure for the visitors.


The economy of Montreal is the second largest economy in Canada while in the province of Quebec, the economy is the first largest based on GDP. This is why it has become a centre of attention from business and industrial point of view. Its importance has increased over the years as centre of technology, commerce, industry and finance.

Film production:

This city is the centre of film industry. Films are produced and television has also become an important industry in this city.

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