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Map of Moscow, Russia. Here you can find the street map of Moscow.


Moscow is the biggest and the most populous city in Russia and also assumes the role of the capital of the country. Russia’s capital is one of the biggest cities in the world and enjoys the status of the most populous city in Europe and the sixth largest in the world overall. With a population that goes well beyond 11 million people, Moscow is the centre of all political activities in Russia.

Established before 1147, the city has always been the centre of attention throughout its history. The city’s importance is underlined by the fact that it lies on the Moskva River. The city has usually served as the capital throughout with all of the governments and administrations that got power in Russia made the city its main center. From the Grand Duchy of Moscow to the Soviet Union, every administration found the city the best possible place to govern the country from.

The Russian capital is well-known for its impressive heritage and cultural diversity. With such a large population, the city’s transportation network is one of the best in the whole world. With four international airports in the city and with one of the largest underground metro system in the world, the city is easily able to cater the transportation requirements of over 11 million people.

The city is gifted with a lot of architectural craft and scenic locations that make it a great tourist location as well. From St. Basil’s Cathedral to Spasskaya Clocktower and from the Moscow monorail to the Moscow International business center, the city has a number of attractions that make it so popular with tourists.

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