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Map of Philadelphia (Pa), United States. Here you can find the street map of Philadelphia (Pa).


Philadelphia is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is the biggest and the largest city in the entire commonwealth. Present in the northeastern part of the US, the city is the centre of all economic activities in the region. With a population that exceeds 1.5 million people, the city is not only the most populous city in Pennsylvania but is also the fifth most populous city in the entire United States of America.

The city’s history is rich with tales of American independence as the city played a great part in it. It was founded in 1682 and is situated along the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers. The city had become the second busiest port of British America and also has the honor being the place where the American movement of independence actually started. America’s forefathers met in this historic city while the city even served as the capital of the country when Washington DC was under construction.

The city is considered to be economical hub of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and harbors offices and headquarters of a number of major industries and organizations. The city is well known for its ethnic mix and is famous for its unusual cuisine that underlines the presence of people from a wide variety of communities in the region.

The city has a number of great places that are a must visit for any person who comes to Philadelphia. These locations include the Statue of Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and City Hall and the Independence Hall.

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